Why you should work for us ..

For the implementation of Zandura we are looking for the best webworkers in Berlin (web developers, web designers, product managers, online marketing experts) who want to turn this ambitious project with us over the next few years into an international market leader. Here are just a few reasons why you should work in our team:

Right in the middle instead of on the edge

Our office is located in Berlin Alt-Treptow, directly opposite of the Treptower Park and is easily accessible for everyone. We are currently also working on expanding Webworker Berlin. In the workplace we've tried to create an optimal environment; however, at times it may seem as if you were not at work, but rather with your room mates in a huge flat. Be it at a BBQ, ordering pizza, playing poker or simply working.

Your Responsibilities

We do not just build websites. We are working on complex B2B portals and the team behind Zandura has, for example, already helped over 100,000 founders from Germany who wish to enter self-employment. With Zandura, we now plan on shifting to other countries and look forward to the challenges ahead. Here you can also find more information about the product Zandura.

Management Culture

We are unlike almost any other Internet company as we are completely independent of investors' interests and can pursue a sustainable corporate strategy. Management of the team of webworkers in Berlin is carried out by Verena Freese and René Wendler. They both have nearly 10 years of professional experience and will help you 24/7 to personally and professionally develop further with us. When building a team, we focus on quality instead of quantity. We want people who want to make things happen, for whom a job is more than just a job, because it defines their life and motivates them, and who along with the team want to develop great things and have the skills to do so.

Your Work Hours

With us, no one is pushed toward burning out; however, we do usually work at least 45 hours a week with the highest possible productivity. We currently have a mandatory attendance of 30 office hours, spread over Tuesday to Thursday, and the rest of the days you have the option of working from home. You have, therefore, per year, minus vacation and holidays, about 125 office work days and the remaining 240 days, of which you can also working in the office, can be freely selected. Are you an early jogger or you can't make to the office until 12 p.m.? With us, you decide whether you'd like to start your day at 8 a.m. or 12 p.m. And if you prefer to work from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m., you'll often still not be the last person to leave the office.

Your Compensation

If you are technically good enough for our ambitious projects, we can offer you the highest-possible salaries for our industry and region. If you convince us by taking responsibility and decisively brings us forward, we will certainly let you take part in our additional business success. Last year, some members of our team became co-partners in a promising Internet project. You have the option in the context of an employee relationship to expand the financial opportunities of your own business. Most companies expect entrepreneurial thinking and acting from their employees, but pay little for it. With us it is different.

Change of location? Let's go!

Every once in a while, we like to disappear from the office. Over the last 1—2 years we have made several trips, e.g., to London, Mallorca, Boot Camp, cross-country skiing, and recently for 14 days in Denmark. During these trips, we may perhaps have meetings which go until 3 a.m. Of course, with us you will also have the opportunity to experience Christmas parties and similar events. In a few years we plan to open another office in the U.S. And over the next several months, we plan to improve our language skills. Is this something for you or should we keep going?

Do you accept the challenge?

In order to achieve the planned growth of Zandura, starting in 2012 we plan monthly to strengthen our team with 1—2 new employees. Qualitative growth of this magnitude is, according to experience, possible; however, significantly higher growth would be at the cost of the team's and the product's quality. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact René Wendler on a social media platform with a brief informal application. Details on the requirements of our webworkers are also available here. Upon interest on our part, we will contact you to arrange a personal meeting. If the work environment descirbed above is what you are looking for, please apply only with us.

Network today with us!

Of course, we will also be delighted if you decide to strengthen our team at a later date. Until then you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter and stay up to date on our further development.