Business Application for Small Businesses

How did the idea for Zandura come about?

The idea for Zandura is based on the experience gained with and The team at Foundervision AG has invested approximately 30,000 design and development hours in both of these portals and in the process has established itself as a web-based market leader in the online support of entrepreneurs and young start-up companies in Germany. Unternehmens­ currently services approximately 10 % of all German startups as a main occupation, before, during and after the establishment, and for free. This experience and the lessons learned are the basis for the successful implementation of Zandura.

Zandura — The Business Application

Zandura is designed as a business portal, which focuses on founders and entrepreneurs of companies with a staff size of 1—50 employees and are growing in size. Thereby offering businesses a platform to form relationships between businesses (B2B) as well as within companies. The sleeted facets of include a B2B network, the office are, a marketplace and a variety of business tools. The concept of Zandura is not comparable with people-networks (e.g., Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn), but uses some of the functionality of these portals suitable for B2B. The following is an excerpt from the planned range of functions of Zandura:

The Zandura Network

The networking area of Zandura will be designed for communication and networking between businesses (B2B) and within companies (Intranet). The Zandura homepage makes up the site's core; here is where all member activities intersect. Several activity streams pool information as well as allow it to be filtered. Functionally developed, extensive company profiles are the primary ingredient of the Zandura network.


The Zandura Marketplace

The marketplace on allows registered companies to advertise projects, jobs, events, products, services, and bidding opportunities. Among others, the marketplace contains a Creative Place and a Micro-Invest Place, each with a crowdsourcing approach as well as a Group-Deal approach, which makes it possible to offer and purchase interesting products and/or services in a community with other members.

The Zandura Office Area

The communication tool allows you to map the entire communication with another person in one central location. The contact tool merges all types of contact relationships — those a member has with other members or with non-members. The calendar tool allows you to organize all your appointments at a glance and group them by company or project. The document tool allows you to upload, download and manage documents. The project tool can manage current, planned or already completed projects and let you create new projects. This task tool allows members to keep an eye on all items on your to-do list. With the sales tool, you can create, send, receive and archive requests, proposals, invoices, credit notes and reminders as well as have access to Zandura's accounting tool.

The Zandura Business Tools

The business tools support member companies in various fields. The marketing tool, for example, allows a company to select, edit, and order design and marketing resources and in this regard also research and register available domains and trademarks. Search engine, social media and e-mail marketing can also be managed here. The business plan tool is an added added value for all founders. After answering a comprehensive questionnaire, a member will receive the text and financial review portions of a business plan created for them. The entrepreneur test is used worldwide as a personality test and delivers meaningful results accordingly. Inquiry as well as comparison tools complement the range of business tools Zandura has to offer.